Reflexology is a therapy in which we treat the whole person - Mind, Body & Spirit...

I am a member of the Association of Reflexologist's which sets standards for the profession and provides a network of qualified practitioners to which the public can refer with confidence. As a member, I am regulated by the Association's code of practice and ethics.

Since completing my Diploma in Reflexology, I have gone on to complete advanced reflexology training, and now specialise in Womens health.

I have undertaken advanced additional training in the following areas:

Some of the above are described in more detail further down this page or link through to separate pages on this website.

Gentle Touch Reflexology

Gentle touch reflexology is exactly as it sounds. It is a wonderful modality - very gentle yet very effective, it is excellent for babies, children and the elderly, and extremely soothing. It is based on energy. A little Gentle Touch reflexology is included in my baby massage classes

If you have been a client through pregnancy and birth, returning for post natal reflexology. Gentle Touch reflexology can be provided for your little one free of charge at the end of your session on request. (yes! new mums can bring baby!)

Both this and FRT are suitable for the elderly and can be extremely soothing and calming to those with dementia.

If you would like me to do a home visit to a family home or to a nursing home to see your relative please do get in touch to discuss.

Hot Stone Reflexology

Hot stone reflexology is deeply relaxing and absolute bliss. Don't just take it from me. Try it for yourself.

Please ensure your complete lower leg can be accessed for this treatment.

Your legs will be covered in an organic medium to allow the heated basalt stones to glide with ease. The legs are massaged from just below the knee down the leg, onto the foot and the sole of the foot. The stones are then used to work on all of the usual reflexology points. The heat from the stones allows the stones to work deeper into the muscle tissue, and reflex points- bringing physiological changes as well as influencing the body's internal energy flow (Chi), therefore bringing balance to both body and mind. Taking you "out of your head" down to a deeper level of relaxation.

Winter is a very popular time for this treatment as it is great for warming up those cold feet. A very relaxing and luxurious treat that packs a healing punch!

Aroma Reflex

Aromareflex is the beautiful fusion of aromatherapy and reflexology, offering you the many benefits of both therapies.

The art and science of aromatherapy involves using natures pure essential oils to support the body with physical and emotional conditions

On arrival, we will discuss your needs on the day, before going on to create your own customised aromatherapy blend which will be used throughout your reflexology session. you will be given a small pot of your blend to take home, to enable you to carry out self treatments over the following week.

RESEARCH has shown that certain essential oils work by stimulating the neuro chemical serotonin, which is naturally produced by the body to create feelings of wellbeing, promote relaxation and induce sleep. It is precisely this sort of physiological action that makes these particular essential oils so effective when treating emotional conditions such as insomnia, anxiety, stress and tension.

Crystal Reflexology

Crystal Reflexology is a completely different reflexology experience for the recipient. Harnessing the natural vibrations of crystals, as they relate with the energy vibrations in the body. Crystals have powerful healing vibrations, based on their mineral content and structure. There are no known scientific studies into crystal reflexology , but there are many examples of crystals using kinetic energy - as electrical energy such as in Quartz watches. Crystals have energy which interacts with any other energy close to it, including human beings

Crystal reflexology brings balance and harmony on a physical, emotional and spiritual level, relaxing body and mind, while reducing physical stress and enhancing wellbeing

Where the thumb is used in reflexology, this is replaced by crystals In crystal reflexology, the crystals are held against and used on body reflexes on the feet. Very little pressure is used as it is the energy of the crystals which cause the shifts in blocked and stagnant energies, working closely with the chakras and meridians throughout the body.

If you enjoy Reiki, you are likely to enjoy crystal reflexology.

All crystals are cleansed, re-energised and infused with Reiki before use.