Reproductive Reflexology

I initially trained for Fertility, Pregnancy and Birth reflexology with the vastly experienced tutor - Helen Harris, In Edinburgh. She had many years experience in both practice and teaching. More recently I have been training with the Association of Reproductive Reflexologists, with the incredibly dedicated Barbara Scott, founder of the Association of Reproductive Reflexologists. Who works tirelessly to elevate the powers of reflexology within the fertility world. Her teaching has, and continues to provide extremely In depth training and ongoing support for me to be able to provide a very robust service to you.

As a full member of The Association of Reproductive Reflexologists, I am committed to upholding the high standards set by them, so you can expect a level of knowledge and professionalism set by them. I am also able to offer you the option for private testing and interpretation of testing where required.

I am extremely proud to say I am a full member of the Association of Reproductive Reflexologists.

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Fertility issues are becoming increasingly common. Although often a couple going through their own fertility journey can feel quite isolated.

The truth is one in every 6 couples are having difficulties, and research tells us this number is set to increase over the coming years.

I felt concerned about this, and how couples are being ushered down the IVF route (perhaps sometimes unnecessarily). Often their issue is given a label of "unexplained". "Unexplained" is not a diagnosis, it is as I said, a label. What it does mean is the reason has not yet been found.

I have found and invested in the best fertility training I could as a reflexologist, and am now able to bring this to my clients. This is not just reflexology, this is targeted reflexology and in depth assessment of your reproductive cycle, lifestyle, and any physical anomalies of your reproductive organs. Together we look at the bigger picture, the whole picture.

The first thing I will do is tell you the same as any assisted conception specialist will tell you - "Pregnancy is not guaranteed".

I am however having positive results.

I have created a package "Your Fertility Path" offering you a programme for those starting or currently navigating their own fertility Journey.

Whether you are beginning natural conception, or are dealing with challenges such as miscarriage (s), unexplained or secondary infertility, male infertility, PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids or assisted conception. My goal is to empower you and optimise your health, while supporting you on this path.

Through personalised targeted reflexology protocols, I will address both your endocrine and reproductive systems.

Additionally we will identify lifestyle and dietary factors that can impact on fertility outcomes. Encouraging you to make beneficial changes. Emphasising the significance of nutrition and quality supplementation, and reduction in stress to both body and mind. Prioritising your body and mind throughout this journey

Reflexology itself can help to destress and balance your body systems, (including those all-important hormones) promoting its best possible state in which it may be able to conceive and sustain a pregnancy.

One of the most important parts is the gathering of information at the outset, information about both you and your partner's health and lifestyle.To help with this I will send you a pre-conceptual questionnaire at the time of booking. This is to be filled in by both yourself and your partner as comprehensively as possible. I also request you bring with you copies of any recent blood test results for hormone levels and semen analysis results. (even if you have been told these are normal previously) any scan or procedure results, blood results etc. Please seek your partners permission prior to bringing any results as requested.

Reflexology is recommended not only for you, but for your partner too. However I do recognise this is not always achievable due to work commitments etc. It is beneficial that you are both in optimum physical and mental health, stress-free and addressing such things as weight issues, diet, exercise, and lifestyle toxins.

The information-gathering process is quite rigorous, so expect it to take some time and to provide information on your menstrual cycle, your occupation, your health, any medications (prescribed or over the counter), supplements, diet, energy levels etc...

I will assist you in mastering the art of charting and tracking. Together we will focus on what to chart, how to chart, the correct tools to use, and the importance in accuracy of charting. (this is an integral part of working with me)

By understanding your cycle intricately I can apply targeted advanced reflexology protocols at the optimal time. Aiming for the best possible outcomes.

Working together as a team I will use your detailed case history, previous medical results, and medical history, along with thorough assessments to customise the approach that best suits your journey.

Recognising the vital role of both partners throughout the fertility process (where applicable) I encourage the participation of the male partner also in tailored lifestyle adjustments, and where possible reflexology sessions. With review of previous semen analysis assessment (even when marked "normal"), discussion and guidance on DNA fragmentation. Emphasising the significance of inclusive care I aim to ensure both partners are actively involved and supported through the programme (where possible)

The programme cost is structured as follows:

PRE ASSESSMENT and INITIAL CONSULTATION - inclusive of subsequent ongoing assessments of test results £140 to be paid at time of booking

FEMALE PARTNER - 3 months (12 weeks) of personalised weekly reflexology treatments £420 (£35 per treatment) to be paid at time of booking.

MALE PARTNER - 2 months (8 weeks) of personalised reflexology treatments £280 (£35 per treatment) to be paid at time of booking

3 month, monthly payment plans available on request.

There is also an option to pay as you go at £40 per session

Ideally, you should be seen weekly initially for 3 months , especially if we are trying to regulate your cycle, identify any patterns or anomalies, and ensure you are ovulating where you think you may be ovulating, and have signs of ovulation. It is a good idea to ensure your diary will allow for this.

Ideally I would like to see you weekly for the first 3 months. This should provide us with enough time to optimise your health, your partners health and understand what is happening with your reproductive cycle.

Reflexology can also be used as an excellent support throughout assisted conception, which can often become a long, stressful experience. Reflexology can support both you and your partner throughout the process. We use the reflexology in the same way, it can be used to support the hormones, and various medications used at various times in your cycle. there may also be times where we need to do nothing, allowing the medications to do what they need to do. All depending where you are in your journey, your protocol and your body'd reactions. If this is an option for you please do .get in touch to discuss where you are in your IUI, IVF or ICSI journey before booking.

Many women go on to have reflexology throughout their pregnancy, with others preferring to wait until after the first 12 weeks or after the birth before returning to it for various reasons. It is a personal choice.

Please see the section on Pregnancy and Birth to see how reflexology may be able to support you throughout your pregnancy.

Please also see the page on Reiki which can be supportive during this time.