Nutrition and Naturopathy

I am currently a student of Nutrition and Naturopathy, once I have completed this course my hope is to use the knowledge to enhance my current skills and add more services based on both nutrition and naturopathy. These are very likely to continue to focus on women and children's health.

As a student I have the opportunity in my studies to offer some of my regular clients to be involved in my studies. This will involve a full case history being taken, this may have to be over 2 or 3 sessions depending on your history. This is an intensive experience and will look at your parents and grandparents health, as well as your own to date. Once this full history has been taken I will carry out the interpretation which will then be fed back to you. It is the basis of this interpretation that would then plan your care going forward through a nutritional and naturopathy lens.

As a student this would only be to the point of interpretation, but is a fantastic opportunity for you to have this carried out.It will give you greater insight to your own health, and any health isssues you may currently have. Many people also find this very cathartic.

There are limited places at an extremely discounted cost. If you are a regular client, and would like your name added to my waitlist, please enquire when you next visit.