My "Mastering Menopause" package consists of a beautiful fusion of reflexology and 1:1 coaching, over 12 weeks (fortnightly). This means you will have 6 reflexology sessions combined with 6 face to face coaching sessions, where we will look at the 5 Pillars of menopause, and how they may be impacting on you. We look at changes you can make which will benefit you long term, to improve your menopause journey. Some pillars, we may delve deeper into than others, all depending what comes up for you on a personal level. The coaching is led by you, and your personal needs. The 5 Pillars we look at are Diet, Exercise, Sleep, Stress and Purpose, we go as deep into each pillar as you need.

I will teach you some basic naturopathic principles (based on the 5 naturopathic pillars of health) - which will help you to understand how the body works and exactly what it needs to encourage balance and health.

If you feel you require longer than the 12 weeks, there is the option to sign up for longer.

This really is a package where you are encouraged to delve deeper, to find the changes you want to and need to make in your life, so the next stage of your life is about being the best you can be. This is about who YOU WANT TO BE for the next phase in your life. The changes in lifestyle are all aimed at supporting you through menopause. The reflexology is specifically targeted to the endocrine system and any other areas specific to your symptoms, such as anxiety.

All information provided throughout Mastering Menopause, comes from an evidence based background on lifestyle. Any information offered on HRT comes from The British Menopause Society, NICE guidelines and other trusted sources.

I believe all women are different We each have different viewpoints. We must all make our own minds up as to how we will navigate our menopause.

Some women will prefer the natural route, some may have tried HRT and not found it helpful (did you know the minimum time to try it was 3 months, did you know your gut health mattered on its effectiveness?) and some women have tried HRT and love it, some have no choice but take it, we each have a different set of circumstances and that is kept within mind throughout my programme.

The total investment for this 12 weeks is £333, this can be paid in full at time of booking or can be paid in 3 monthly installments of £111 by payment link. (Terms and conditions apply).

For those women who do not want the coaching element there is an option for reflexology only at £40 per session

A block of 6 sessions is recommended at £240

What do we know about menopause ?

Pre- menopause or perimenopause - the average time to experience this is 4 years, however it can last from 1 - 12 years for some women

It generally starts around 40 - 50 years of age

It is the time from your first symptoms of menopause to the 12th connsecutive month with no periods

MENOPAUSE - No period for 12 consecutive months (with no other reason for this). Average age in the UK is 51 years.

DIAGNOSIS OF PERIMENOPAUSE - Over 45 years of age: Symptoms and irregular periods

Under 45 years: Blood test to check FSH (follicle stimulating hormone)

We also know this is a natural transition in a woman's life. This is a transition which can be made more difficult for some women, depending on lifestyle and multiple stressors. In todays modern world women are often expected to, and many want to be equal to men, going out and working, often full time in stressful jobs, yet when they return home they are also often the main care giver juggling so many balls and trying to keep them all in the air, forgetting often of their own needs.

The stress this creates and the lifestyle choices often made to help women cope with all of this can make for a more intense perimenopause.

Quite often a woman can feel "hellish", almost as if she is no longer in control of her own body or mind. It is not only our reproductive hormones that suffer during this time. Hormones act a little like an orchestra and when one is affected, the others can also become affected, knocked off balance. It's important to be able to look at ways to support our hormones, and in doing so, supporting ourselves.

Unfortunately for us women this is also the age where specific disease processes become triggered, at menopause we are at far greater risk of disease like breast cancer, heart disease, stroke and bone loss. Therefore, it is really important to evaluate our lifestyles, making small but consistent changes to future proof our health.

It can be incredibly hard for women to put themselves first. they are usually the main caregiver. Wife, mother, daughter, friend, colleague, and quite often will have had no time for themselves. This is the stage where if you have not focussed on yourself, you need to. You need to now, because the work you put into your own wellbeing now, will impact on the future you have later.