Pregnancy & Birth Reflexology

I initially carried out additional training for pregnancy and birth reflexology with the much renowned and experienced Tutor Helen Harris in Edinburgh.

Reflexology in pregnancy can be so beneficial to both mother and baby.

Pregnancy reflexology is a holistic practice which not only focusses on the mother to be, but also on the "incoming soul". From the moment of conception the soul has arrived.

The reflexologist is now caring for two!

Reflexology offers various benefits for expectant mothers. Aiming to alleviate common discomforts such as nausea, sickness, back pain, fatigue, carpal tunnel, and more. While promoting relaxation, hormonal balance , and is also often associated with potential benefits for maternal mental health, with the aim of alleviating stress, anxiety, and mood fluctuations commonly experienced throughout pregnancy.

Through the stimulation of reflex points, reflexology aims to promote the release of endorphins - the body's natural feel good hormones , fostering a sense of emotional balance and relaxation.

Some women find that regular sessions of reflexology help them to connect with their changing body, reducing feelings of apprehension or fear related to childbirth.

Many expectant mothers have reported improved emotional wellbeing and a greater sense of overall calmness and contentment through incorporating reflexology into their prenatal care routine.

Reflexology creates a nurturing environment for both mother and "incoming soul", fostering a sense of calm and security for both mother and unborn baby.

Their are studies which show that regular reflexology can enhance the birthing experience, with quicker birth times, and many women report positive experiences with reflexology during pregnancy and childbirth, citing improved overall wellbeing and a more positive birthing experience.

Some women prefer to wait until the first trimester has passed, and that is absolutely fine. This is a personal choice that can only come from you. Every woman has had a different journey and a different road map leading to this point. As a new mother to be, you must go with your own intuition.

There are obviously some cautions and contraindications I must screen for as a reflexologist, and my initial consultation will cover those, and continue to do so as the pregnancy progresses. If at any point I have concerns I will ask you to consult your obstetric team or midwife, and may pause reflexology until we are happy to continue.

Reiki is also a very gentle therapy which can be used in place of reflexology (or alongside) throughout the first trimester, and beyond. Reiki is excellent at calming the emotions and alleviating stress and anxiety in the sensitive early stages of pregnancy. Reiki may also help with common pregnancy discomforts such as nausea, fatigue and back pain, enhancing overall comfort. Reiki provides excellent emotional support, helping to foster a positive mindset and helping to establish a deeper connection between mother and "incoming soul".

By helping to balance the body's energy Reiki may contribute to maintaining a harmonious environment for the developing baby, and support the body's natural processes.

This is a special time in any woman's life, and a time where you should take all the time you need to care for yourself. Your body is a miracle, creating the miracle of life. The change your body goes through and the genius of its operating system in carrying out this process is incredible.

Wherever you are in your journey to motherhood, I send you so much love and admiration for the incredible strength and resilience of the female form and the divine feminine which lives within all of us